Quality Amenities for Vacation Rentals, Air BnB, & Timeshares.
Quality Amenities for Vacation Rentals, Air BnB, & Timeshares.
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Welcome Basics - Quality Amenities for Guests

The large chain hotels and rental properties in cities or resort areas already have cost effective sources for their products and systems in place for ordering, storage and inventory.  Welcome Basics bags are designed for the provider who wants to supply quality amenities to their guests without the cost of buying and storing large quantities or the hassles of maintaining inventory of individual items. All sets are pre-packaged in reuseable drawstring mesh bags with products sourced from the USA, featuring name brands that you can recognize and trust.

Welcome Basics bags are a great welcome gift for the family member houseguest who never remembers their toothbrush and the Air BnB guest alike.

The idea for Welcome Basics originated over the past several years during travels to a log cabin in Montana, a timeshare in Florida and a remote VRBO rental home in Hawaii.

A log cabin in the woods

 Although all of the accommodations were wonderful and they all provided the expected shampoo and soaps my husband and I found ourselves having to figure out how to get some of the “basics” we felt we needed for our stay.

Shopping for Ketchup

All of our lodging choices included options for cooking.  I’m not a clean freak and don’t tend to be overly concerned about germs, but found that I’m not comfortable re-using condiments and spices that were already opened and partially used by previous guests.  I was disappointed to find that purchasing a few basic condiments and spices required a lengthy drive to a local market, options to purchase items only in quantities way beyond what we needed or finding small sizes but with high price tags - or all of the above.  

Discarding old food is wasteful

This disappointment continued when I recognized the amount of unnecessary waste created at the end of our stay when items were discarded.

I remember having the same experience of limited availability or high cost to get a couple of items that I forgot to pack or simple supplies to treat a minor cut, not to mention the pure inconvenience.  

All of these items would have enhanced the quality of my stay. Amenities define the level of hospitality that any lodging offers, whether a commercial location or in a personal home for family and friends.  Our company name was chosen to describe the philosophy behind our products, basic amenity collections designed to make guests feel welcome. The pineapple was an obvious choice for the Welcome Basics logo for our products. From the days of Christopher Columbus when he brought the exotic fruit back to Europe from the Caribbean to early Colonial days in North America to current day, the pineapple has long been recognized as a symbol of hospitality.  

A cast iron pineapple decoration in a garden

When a pineapple was displayed at the entrance to a Caribbean village, early Spanish visitors knew they were welcome. Later during American Colonial times, a fresh pineapple placed in the center of a table symbolized the warmest welcome a hostess could extend. The use of the image of the pineapple as a symbol of hospitality is widespread throughout many cultures, evident in architecture, furniture, linens and cookware. that are selected to extend the ultimate hospitality to guests.

Welcome Basics bags can be customized with the specific amenities you want to provide for your special guests with personalized labeling designed to commemorate a unique event or remind guests of their stay – the ultimate in hospitality.